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Welcome to Disk Publisher™

Our disk publishing business is based on a new and unique concept of Disk On Demand manufacturing allowing us to produce disk and supporting media at the time of an order so no product inventory is needed to fulfill orders.

Disk On Demand is the perfect solution for musicians, artist, photographers, desktop publishers, digital file producers, game producers, home or commercial DVD producers, and anyone that has a product that can be put on CD/DVD disk.

Instead of creative people spending large sums of money to enter the highly competitive world of creating disk for sale and the supporting web sites for marketing their work, let us do that for you!

Our site is set up with our own online store where digital products of all kinds are offered on CD's which are part of our own affiliate marketing program for this site.

Our online store will also feature digital products published to disk for our customers.

We provide disk production and marketing all under one roof.

Our name pretty much says it all.

We offer CD/DVD duplication and Direct to Disk printing services. Our business is also unique in that we can also produce some unusual products using our laser engraving equipment and industrial plastic forming machinery.

We also specialize in physical site traffic building using a very unique program involving the inspiration and the ability to earn affiliate commissions on a physical CD.

This opens the door to earning affiliate commissions to those that do not have the ability to publish to the Internet. A perfect solution for those wishing to do fundraising at any capacity. Even grade school age children can participate in fundraising programs that we can produce for them.

Our links page features a few sites that use our services to provide customers with disk related to web site referral and digital products on CD in very unique ways.



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