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Our Services at Disk Publisher
Disk On Demand

Our business offers four distinct services:

Disk Duplication/Replication

We offer CD/DVD disk duplication services. We can duplicate as many or as few disk from your original copy as you need. This includes music, video, software, images, eBooks, multimedia, and just about anything else that can be put on a CD or DVD disk.

Direct to Disk Printing

We offer direct to disk full color printing on CD's and DVD's. Our services also include printing jackets for DVD cases and slim line CD cases.

We call this Disk On Demand which is a VERY powerful and affordable way to create distribution of media on CD or DVD without having to produce any kind of costly inventory.

Site Traffic Building

To be clear, we do not offer SEO services of any kind. The content of your web site and meta tags you post to it or any social media site is all up to you to provide.

What we do is produce a media CD that can be opened by both MAC and PC computers with information and direct links to your specific online content. These media CD's can be set up to use tracking software or can be tied to an affiliate program so you can track where and how your incoming links are being followed.

Media Marketing

Our site has an online store where we market our own digital products on disk and can offer your digital products on disk as well. You will need to Contact Us and provide samples of what you have to market so we can provide you information with what may be possible to do. Best case scenario is for us to produce your media disk product on demand and let us ship directly to the end customer. The customer gets their purchase quickly and we do not need to carry a large inventory of pre made media disk. This is considered JIT (Just in Time) manufacturing and saves a huge amount of investment over pre produced product inventory.

Mixing this with our sites powerful affiliate program which is free to sign up with helps everyone involved with our site make more money and increase traffic to our online store.

What kind of media can we market for you?

The answer to that question is virtually unending. But a few suggestions for some people that may be searching for solutions can be found here.

If you are recording church sermons on a weekly basis and need a way to make them available to your followers, we offer the ideal solution for this. Since we can produce Disk On Demand, we can create a master disk for each release and keep a library of these master disk for you so we can produce any issue at the time of the order and ship them out to the end customer. We can also tie this to our affiliate program for you so you can track your sales and earnings or donations for these disk at no extra cost to you or your church.

Wedding Videos are another way to share this very special event with friends and family. We can duplicate and print a keepsake DVD that can be sent to all people who attended the wedding.

Fundraising Events are especially useful to create and provide to participants a special disk that people can use to make direct donations or send the user to a web site to connect them directly to a fundraising page. The advantage of using CD's for this is that even school children of a young age can offer the disk to people for a donation and the CD's can be directly linked to an online destination so even a child does not need to try and explain how to get to a specific web address. We can also provide a very special custom greeting card packaging solution that is a powerful and attractive way to do fundraising programs with.

Music CD's are something we can do for anyone that needs a way to get their music out for sale to the public but do not have the financial means to run mass production on CD's and tackle the marketing end of distribution. Again, we can tie this to our affiliate program for you so you can track your sales and earnings for your music CD's at no extra cost to you.

Cook Books and Scrap booking CD's can be a fantastic way to earn extra money as an individual or an organization. We can produce a fully searchable cookbook on CD that the recipes can be printed on demand by the end user when or if needed. The same goes for scrap booking image CD's or craft making CD's that may be specific to what you do. For instance, you may have a specific type of quilting pattern collection that you may want to market to your followers or fellow quilt makers and putting the patterns on CD is a fantastic way to do this. Again, our Disk On Demand ability is ideal for this kind of sales and distribution.

Ideas that can be applied to our Disk On Demand publishing are indeed endless, so please do not hesitate to Contact Us with any idea you may have about creating a CD or DVD that can be sold on our site or sold by you directly.



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