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Site Traffic Building

One of the most difficult things to do when launching a web site is getting traffic to the new site. This is also true for sites that have been online for a while as well.

After all, there are literally billions of web sites online now and countless pages on those sites competing with each other for search engine placement. Everyone presumes that being in the top of search results is the key to getting a lot of traffic and earning a living online.

This has brought about a HUGE amount of new businesses related to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and also a TON of scam artist trying to sell you these services.

The first clue to revealing that these SEO businesses are actually scam artist is in how they contact you. They research domain listings and send you an email usually using a Gmail account or some other free email account and tell you how good they are at providing you with top page placement on Google and other search engines. They never give you any real information on sites that they have worked with or real results you can check up on. They also do not have web sites of their own.

Even legitimate SEO businesses can cost web site owners a tidy fortune in return for meager traffic and sales results.

We actually have quite a few web sites up and running and only a very few have fared very well in SEO results on a consistent basis. We do NOT pay for SEO services nor will we ever do so. One of the first real lessons we learned is it only takes a small change in the Search Engine companies algorithms to make you disappear from the Internet when people are searching for you. Also because of paid SEO results with the different search engine companies, your rankings can go up and down depending on how many web sites are paying to play.

During one of our own recent site launches we had some fantastic results in achieving high traffic right off the bat and actually made sales on the first day of the launch. That is unheard of and unprecedented as we certainly were not on ANY search engine listings at the time of the launch.

We had actually pre sent out about 200 CD's that were set up with direct affiliate links to the new site that went to our new affiliates for that site so they could help promote the launch by handing out CD's to friends and family members and people at their local trade shows.

What happened next was totally unexpected. We received several emails and follow up phone calls from a business broker in another state that wanted to sell our new web site. The reason they found us and wanted to be our broker was because of the high traffic the site was already showing. That is when we realized that we didn't have to be on a single search engine listing to create a LOT of unique traffic to the site and that the traffic was also going to be visible to entities that could monitor site traffic like we were producing on the web.

Keep in mind that the only links being followed were from people using the CD's we had sent out to our sites affiliates.

We also realized that because our affiliate links on the CD's were SEO friendly (example: www.oursite.com/100.html) and not complicated links like most affiliate links are, the actual traffic coming in was from different IP addresses all over the USA and did not get recognized as incoming affiliate links.

Knowing this now, we can certainly use the same program to dramatically increase a sites traffic even if no affiliate program is tied to the unique CD's we produce to drive traffic to our sites.

We are researching ways to track the traffic coming from the CD's so advances can be made in ways to take advantage of this program as we continue to build on it.

If you have a web site and want to increase your sites traffic using our system, just use our Contact Us form and we are happy to build you a successful program similar to what has worked for us.

This can also be done on a very tight budget, so let us give you a quote on what can be done.


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