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DRAGON TRAIN the Card and Dice Game


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DRAGON TRAIN the Card and Dice Game

This is an original card and dice game invented and designed by Danial CrowTalker. The packaging case contains a full 60 card set of cards that are laser printed on 2 inch by 3.5 inch card stock. The game also contains an 8D (8 sided dice) that may vary in color that is needed for game play. For players 8 years old and up.

DRAGON TRAIN the Card and Dice GameThis game combines the fun of double nine domino's, a card game, a strategy game, a dice game, and a gambling style game with some wild twist that parts ways with any domino game. The only similarity to dominos is that the cards use dots instead of numbers and do not have suits. The 8D dice is in play for every player's turn. This is a very exciting table game that can have from 2 to 6 players per game. It can be played as individuals or as partners.

You can actually double the fun by combining two of these decks for game play.

The CD in the case contains a lot more sophisticated and informative rules for the game, along with some other surprises.

For PC Windows 98/XP/10 and MAC or any computer that can open PDF files.

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