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Fire Gazing Scrying by Flame


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Fire Gazing Scrying by Flame

This is a two CD set. It has a meditation music CD combining exceptional relaxation music designed specifically to lower your brainwaves and your physical state into a relaxed condition that can be played on any CD player. The other CD is a 3600 word book in PDF format that can be opened on any computer or device that can open PDF documents. The book is a very powerful information document that teaches and gives you insight into how Fire Gazing works and how you can apply it in your life. Includes information on how to apply it for remote viewing, deep meditation, and even a very effective method of self hypnosis.

This package also includes a stainless steel wick holder and 100% cotton wicking so you can make your own olive oil lamp that will burn on one fill up of olive oil for hours. Unlike a candle, it is a very safe way to create a brighter flame and you can simply refill the bowl or container you use with olive oil to use your olive oil burner over and over again. The PDF book has full instructions on how to construct the burner and suggestions on the best way to do that.

For PC Windows 98/XP and MAC or any computer that can open PDF files.

The music CD can be played on any CD player as well as a computer that can play music CD's

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